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The Story So Far

The Willesden Minyan was founded in 2015 as an itinerant community for Jews who wanted to celebrate Jewish traditions with soulful singing, progressive egalitarian worship, and Torah which speaks meaningfully into our lives.


In 2018, the Minyan partnered with Shir Hayim Hampstead Reform Jewish Community as an experiment in creating intergenerational community and enriching Jewish life in NW London. As Shabbatot and festivals were shared, friendships blossomed, and new possibilities for building something together became apparent.


At Chanukah 2018, it was decided that the Willesden Minyan and Shir Hayim would form one community with shared vision and values. We are in this process of building this community now, with 'Builders' (members) contributing financially and in terms of voluntary leadership to the vision we have established together.

Below you'll find our draft Vision & Values, as well as an Inclusion Statement. We are also going to be renaming the community soon -  sign up to our weekly emails to find out more.

Our Vision

  • We are Jews of diverse ages and experiences, as well as Allies from other backgrounds.

  • We gather together in community because Judaism matters. We believe our tradition has the power to transform us into more wise, compassionate, courageous human beings

  • Replenished and inspired at the ‘well’ of our community, we are able to act together to bring about the world that we want to live in.


Our Values

Torah: Torah - Learning and being in active conversation with ancient wisdom that holds, moves, informs and challenges us


Chesed: Kindness - Being ‘radically relational’: building a community of kindness, care and friendship; showing up for each other’s joys and struggles


Tzedek: Justice - Acting with justice and compassion, working towards the creation of a more loving world; acknowledging the connectedness of our fate with the fate of other communities, British society and the wider world


Kavannah: Intentionality - Creating meaningful Jewish rituals that guide and build intention: engaging intentionally and creatively with Torah & Jewish practice to inspire meaning and connection in our lives


Hineni: 'Here I am' / Leadership -  Believing that every one of us, Jewish or Allies, whatever our backgrounds, strengths and relationships with Judaism, has something of value to offer, and the power to make change.


Inclusion Statement

We aim to build a radically welcoming and egalitarian community, where people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races, backgrounds, with and without disabilities, can feel there is a place for them as Builders of the community. We strive to ensure that both Jewish and non-Jewish Builders are treated with equal dignity, and can develop their own unique relationship with and contribution to the community. Our goal is for Builders to own, participate in and lead the community, and to recognise and dismantle barriers to participation and leadership for everyone.

Join us

We host bi-monthly Friday Night and Shabbat Morning Services. We also host celebrations for some of the key Jewish festivals in uniquely intentional ways.


All our activities are planned and hosted by volunteer leaders, and are made possible by people becoming paying members, 'Builders', who contribute to the costs of our Rabbinic team, administrator and Jewish events year-round.

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Location - Willesden Green and the surrounding North West Jubilee line area

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