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Join us at Makor Hayim for High Holy Days 5783/4

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As we journey through fear to love

Our High Holy Days during a time of transition


Come join us, and we'll process the end of 5783 and beginning of 5784 together. This year, we've built an enriching journey around the High Holy Days that brings us together in all kinds of ways. Events will be in-person, online, or hybrid (both!) so that we can gather however we feel most comfortable.

Our High Holy Day theme: through Fear to Love

We move towards these High Holy Days against a backdrop of rising inequality, war, and climate crisis. Yamim Noraim - the Hebrew words for High Holy Days - literally translate as the ‘days of fear.’ As we pray, learn, sing, meditate, dance and eat together, we will seek to travel through our fears and uncertainty and emerge ready for renewed just action and loving consciousness.

Will I feel at home?

Our name means 'source of life', and we work to be a source of hope in this world. We're a Reform, fully egalitarian congregation based and we welcome folks from everywhere. We welcome mixed heritage families, Jews of colour, LGBTQI+ Jews, single Jews, old Jews, young Jews, those who have not stepped into a synagogue for years and those who go every week, Jews who have high levels of Jewish knowledge and Jews who have none, and we'd love to see YOU at one of our events.

Are you the partner, friend, or family member of a Jewish person and exploring High Holy Days for the first time?


Our ally (what we call our members who are not Jewish, but in a family or relationships with Jews!) Lizzy has written a guide for the High Holy Days!

Together We'll Mark a Meaningful End to 5783 - We can't wait to meet you!

Tzedakah - We Partner for Justice

High Holy Day Appeal 5784

Stay tuned for news on our High Holy Day Appeal...

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