Makor Hayim is recruiting new trustees, and we want YOU to be one of them!

Apply by Friday 3rd June

We are a community of Builders and leaders, and all have a place in building Makor Hayim. Becoming a trustee is a fantastic way to step up this commitment and leadership, and contribute your skills and thinking to making sure that we have a strong operational framework to support our community’s growth.

As a registered charity, Makor Hayim has a Board of Trustees, which looks after its governance, operations, finances and policies. Some of the trustees are stepping down, so we are putting in place a process to recruit for 4 new trustees by the end of June (the process is quite tight as the Board really needs new people soon!).

We want to build a system that enables Builders who have other commitments to participate as trustees and make every effort to do so. At the same time, becoming a trustee is an important responsibility for our community and we would want people to seriously consider their ability to commit before doing so:

  • In general, trustee meetings are held once a month and last for two hours, usually on Thursdays from 7pm-9pm.

  • In order to spread responsibilities, the role of chair, setting of agenda, time keeping and recording of action items are rotated for each meeting.

  • The trustees also attend each community meeting and each AGM, in total about four each year, held on a Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 4pm.

  • Trustees also make progress between meetings and we expect that trustees might have to put 2-4 hours a week building relationships with Builders and working on matters between meetings.

The process for recruiting new trustees this time will be the following:

1. Information Session - Monday 30th May, 8.15-9pm on Zoom

We will have an information session where trustees Debbie Danon & Stephanie Brada will explain the process more in depth, and anyone can come and ask questions about what becoming a trustee would entail.

2. 1 to 1 conversations with existing Trustees - Wednesday 1 or Thursday 2 June

Any interested builders are invited to have 1 to 1 conversations with Martin/other trustees to get more information and make an informed decision.

3. Applications to become a new trustee close on 3 June.

You can find the simple application form here. It should take 20-30 minutes.

4. Facilitated conversations in case there are more applicants than positions

Rather than resorting to a vote, in case there are more than 4 applicants, we would organise a facilitated conversation between all the applicants. This would ensure that people with a good balance of skills and experience would step up as Trustees at this stage, in order to avoid resorting to elections. Applicants can be offered other leadership positions, and/or the opportunity to join the Board at a later stage. In the unlikely case we can’t find a solution then, we would resort to elections as per our constitution

5. Announcement of the Trustees standing for election - Friday 10th June

This will include a list of all the Builders standing to be trustees as well as their current leadership or membership roles in MH teams.

6. General Meeting voting in and welcoming new trustees - Sunday 26th June

At the General meeting, builders would be invited to vote in the new trustees. There will then be a small ceremony to thank those that gave their time until now, and to welcome the new trustees to the Board.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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