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onwards with pride

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

by Debbie Danon

Though the Pride march was cancelled and we weren't able to gather in person, Makor Hayim celebrated our second Pride Shabbat in style on Saturday 27th June.

Ed T and Yael T coordinated and contributed to a service which left everyone inspired, and many of us tearful. It was incredibly moving to hear stories shared, and commitments made, to continue striving for LGBTQIA dignity, safety and belonging, in both our community and the wider world. 

To keep the conversation about LGBTQIA+ inclusion going, here are links that were shared in the Zoom chat during the service, each relating to one of our community values...

TORAH - Jewish Learning As part of the Torah service, Kohenet Yael T shared a poem by J Mase III called 'Josephine' which reimagines Joseph's story as the experience of a trans woman, with the 'kutonet passim' often translated as 'multicoloured coat' read as it is elsewhere as a 'princess dress'. A reminder that we are invited to read and reread the Torah to discover a multitude of human experiences.

HINENI - Here I Am / Leadership

We're so proud of our Builder Sarah N who was interviewed on the Allied Health Professionals podcast about LGBTQIA experiences working in the NHS. Sarah shared her story at Pride Shabbat alongside her fiancee Lizzy A, and you can listen to the podcast.

TZEDEK - Justice

Equalities activist Shaan K who attended the service shared links to help us campaign for trans rights that are currently under threat, including a Jewish response from Rabbi Janet Darley.

Yashar Koach to everyone involved. Onwards with Pride!

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