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Unseder: A liberating experience

By Sarah Nerva, Social Justice Team

On the forth night of Pesach.... “I’ve had enough of matzah, not another Seder”.... Willesden Minyan-Shir Hayim shared their first Pesach event together. We had over 20 people both known builders and first timers.

The Unseder was truly a fantastic evening, not just your traditional Seder. We looked forward and explored how as a community we can act, through building relationships with others and bring a more just world. 

It was fantastic to be part of the organising of the Seder and the conversations on my table, which included people's fascinating family migration stories, experiences of overt and internalised antisemitism, and commitment to being in solidarity with others in their struggle for true freedom. Many of the stories and experiences people shared they had never spoken about openly before, which was really moving.

As part of the social justice group, it was an excellent opportunity for us to promote our values and organise our first event. 

As they year in Willesden Minyan-Shir Hayim! (or whatever our new name will be!)

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