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Welcome reuben! a new wm baby!

On Shabbat 15 June 2019, we welcomed Reuben Nathan Rothschild Pearson to our congregation at his baby-naming in front of 45 people: his parents, Richard and Rachel, Reuben's grandparents and broader family, and many friends and family who joined for the simcha.

Reuben chilling in his shul outfit

We read the following blessing for him from the congregation:

"Welcome Reuben!! Welcome into the world and into this congregation.  Community life is where we are shaped - it is where we learn what is important, how to treat other people, how to respect yourself, how to be challenged by our tradition, and how to be supported in times of need.  Reuben, may you be shaped by the 5 values of our community: a) Torah - may you be in active conversation with our ancient wisdom; b) Chessed - 'loving kindness' - may you learn to be radically relational; c) Tzedek - Justice - may you be part of creating a more loving and just world; d) Kavannah - 'Intention' - May you bring intention and focus to your Jewish and broader life and e) 'Hineini - 'Here I am' - May you become a person of courage who stands up to be counted when it matters."

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